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Dingo's Testimony

Dingo was presented as an emergency walk-in after being hit by a truck. He was brought to Seven Oaks Pet Hospital by a couple who had recently taken over the care of him when he was abandoned. His previous owners left him tied to a tree in the backyard when they moved so the neighbors had been feeding and caring for him. Dingo was still tied to the tree outside when he escaped and ran into the road. The new owner chased after him, but a truck hit him in the road. The new owner rushed him into the clinic for immediate care. Due to financial constraints, the new owner elected to surrender him to the clinic so that appropriate care could be provided, and a new home found for him once fully recovered.

The Hermoine-Duncan foundation is currently covering the costs of his medical care including full in-house diagnostics consisting of full blood work, radiographs with review from a board-certified radiologist to rule out any fractures on his injured legs, wound care, pain medication & antibiotics and laceration repair to close his wounds. In addition to boarding care in the clinic.

We have found Dingo a perfect home and he is being taken care of! He is so loved.

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