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Greta is a roughly 10 month old domestic short hair spayed female tabby/calico. She came to Seven Oaks Pet Hospital for a fracture to her hind leg. She was surrendered to the Hermione Duncan Reddy foundation where Dr. Reddy and team were able to repair her fractured leg and she has been recovering at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital. Getting her daily treatments and love from our team. She will soon be ready for adopted out to a loving new home.

She tends to be very sweet but shy but once she warms up to you she loves her scratches. Her favorite thing to do is eat her canned food and make muffins while you pet her. If the Hermione Duncan foundation and Seven Oaks Pet Hospital wasn’t there Miss Greta fate would have most likely been much different but with donations we are able to come together and save this precious little girl.

If you are interested in adopting her give us a call 813-929-4100

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This precious 14-month old kitty named Sidney, was hit by a car and in desperate need of a complete fracture repair surgery. The owners were not able to afford the cost of the medical bills or any of his day-to-day care, so they made the very difficult decision to relinquish their ownership of this precious baby.

The Hermione Duncan Reddy Foundation chose to step in and help provide the funds for Sidney to receive the procedure and treatment he needed. During his very long recovery process he lived with one of the doctors at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital. He is now neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and ready to be adopted to his furever home! Visit the link below for adoption interests!

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Marvin was brought into Pet Urgent Care lethargic, covered in fleas, lateral, anorexic, and had intestinal worms. When the doctor began the exam, the man that brought him in, immediately got into his car and drove away. Marvin was abandoned, hopeless, and hanging on by a thread. Since then, he has made a huge recovery, we were able to nurse Marvin back to health. He is the most loving, adorable, and happy little puppy. He is now in his FURever home, and will always be given the love and care he deserves!

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